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Data d'alta 27/07/2010
Localitat Barcelonès › Barcelona
Sector Comunicació
Descripció International Sales and Media Executive
Additional European Languages: Spanish, French and Portuguese

AFA-Press is an independent press & communication agency specializing in the production of country, sector and regional reports with the aim of providing an economic and business analysis to an influential audience. Operating across the globe, our reports are published within some of the world’s most prestigious . With exciting expansion plans Intercom is currently looking for the finest young talent out there to join our sales team.

This job requires candidates to travel 11 months a year around the world, it is not an office job and we do not have any head office jobs available.

Job Description:

• Working in a team responsible for gathering advertising and editorial content for special advertising sections or special promotional supplements on countries, sectors and regions.
• Establishing a base in countries around the world to implement the project strategy set by head office.
• Editorial content:
Conducting interviews with business and political leaders around the world.
• Advertising content:
Negotiating advertising content for reports
• Initial training and fast track promotion to mid level team member and then Project Director

Our company offers:

• An excellent financial package and remuneration program.
• The opportunity to meet world leaders
• International career development and fast track promotion
• Invaluable project management skills
• Excellent professional living arrangements with an additional daily allowance

Apply now:

If you are goal orientated and determined to succeed in an international sales environment submit your application together with a current photograph now.
Perfil desitjat Requirements:

• Fluent in English. One of the following languages is a plus: French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.
• University graduates with a sound knowledge of international political, business and economic affairs.
• Sales orientated (experience in sales preferable but not essential).
• Excellent personal presentation
• Strong communication skills
• Results driven, determined, energetic and a talent for working with people.
• Team player.
Contacte Alfonso Diaz Cordova tel: +34 91 725 71 0
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